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Jessi Wrap Dress - Wet Stone

Wrap dress in One Size that is fully adjustable.

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Wrap dress in Wet Stone, is a warm neutral color with a beautiful sheen in the fabric that enhances the color even more. Comes in a limited edition as it is made from leftover fabric which makes it exceptional and very unique. Transforms to fit different body shapes and can be worn in various ways, it just depends on how you wish to wear it to suit the occasion. Which gives a flexibility to create different looks. The sleeve length is adjustable with a draped detail at back shoulder. Made in one size and are fully adjustable to fit your beauty and shape. 



Made in a fabric in 68% lyocell, 32% cotton.

Lyocell is a biodegradable fiber that is produced from wood pulp (cellulose) in a closed process. Which has many benefits with positive environmental properties. 
Which makes it a sustainable fiber and therefore a GOOD CHOICE.
The material is very durable, has a cooling effect and feels nice to the body.
It absorbs moisture, is quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant. Great for hot days!

The fabric is produced from one of the oldest textile companies in Portugal with expertise in the production of high- quality fabrics in the textile industry.
It is a 100% leftover/"dead stock" fabric that we transform and give new life to become an exclusive and long lasting dress.


Size guide

Our dresses are inspired by the iconic Kimono with its simple straight design with a waist belt. Using this traditional wrap dress allows flexibility to create different looks. By tying in various ways to adjust the shape for the optimal fit.

The sleeve length is adjustable with a draped detail on the back shoulder with a drawstring, a truly stylish detail.

It can be worn with two different collars.
Both a shawl collar or without collar. Turn the collar at inside and you get a drapy front instead. Depends how you wish to style it for the day and how for the occasion. 

Made in one size, and are fully adjustable to fit different body shapes and to be transformed and worn in various ways. 

Recommended sizes 32-44

Care Instructions

Take care of your dress for a long and beautiful life.

Machine washable at 30 degrees, preferably in a delicate wash program with short spin or hand wash which is a gentler alternative. 
Shake the garment and stretch the seams properly and hang on a hanger to dry. Feel free to use a wide hanger or an inflatable hanger to avoid hanger marks.

Steam is advantageous otherwise ironing at medium temperature. We recommend ironing the garment from the reverse side, but preferably use a protective damp cotton ironing cloth between the garment and the iron for gentle handling and avoid hard pressure that may otherwise leave stains on the garment.

We recommend washing the dress infrequently, which is more beneficial for the environment and is gentler on the garment. Instead, ventilate the hanger for possible refreshment. Steaming is also recommended for unwanted scent.
The fabric can react to various nearby materials, so remember to avoid high friction for possible wear.

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Dedicated to sustainability, quality, and versatility, our commitment drives us to transform stock fabrics into long-lasting dresses.