Using leftover/"dead stock" textiles to all our dresses
Make an environmentally conscious choice by utilizing leftover fabrics for ecological sustainability. We transform theses fabrics into beautiful dresses and saving them from being discarded and burned.
We only use these "dead stock" textiles in all our dresses and do not use any new produced textiles. 

With over two decades of experience in the textile industry, visiting suppliers and factories worldwide has enlightened us on utilizing leftover fabrics stored in vast textile warehouses, originating from overconsumption. 
Using "dead stocks" gives new life to leftover fabrics, turning them into beautiful garments and avoiding common disposal methods like burning, which often causes stock problems for companies.
We focus on reusing these leftovers to decrease textile storage, creating limited and highly sought-after collections. Choosing leftover products is a commendable option for eco-friendly sustainability. No trims such as buttons etc. are used in the garments, which also is an environmentally conscious choice.

 Here showing when we are visiting our big factory in Portugal, selecting excellent high-quality leftover textiles from their vast warehouse.

Our Portuguese supplier stands out as both a fabric provider and a manufacturer, offering unique advantages. Their integrated setup helps eliminate the need for additional transports between fabric and garment manufacturers, a significant benefit in minimizing unnecessary transportation. Notably, they share our commitment to sustainable development and significant environmental objectives. Collaborating with them aligns with our shared mindset, working continuously towards a more sustainable and innovative production approach.

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