wear it with belt

For a traditional wearing with a waist belt, consider securing the wrap dress more securely using our recommended method. The dress features four discreet holes in the seams and corresponding smaller straps for a safer and neater tie, preventing any unintended openings.


       Achieve the same look   

  • Secure the center front strap on the left front side by tying it together with the inside strap located at the side seam, just above the side pocket—following the standard tying method for a kimono/wrap dress.

  • Achieve a secure closure by overlapping the right side. Thread the strap through the concealed hole at the side seam (above the pocket) and tie it tightly with the inside side seam strap. Recommending a double knot for added security in maintaining the overlap as a safety closure. For a clearer understanding, watch the video demonstration.

  • Tie your waist belt in the best possible way and it's DONE!