wear it with belt

If you wish to style the dress in the "traditional" way with a waist belt,
you can achieve a more safe tying to avoid un-necessary openings when wearing wrap dresses. Therefore, we suggest a better way of tying our wrap dresses.
The dress has 4 small hidden holes in the seams and 4 smaller straps.

Achieve the same look as picture

    • Tie center front strap on left front side together with
      inside strap placed at side seam, above side pocket.
      (normal kimono/wrap dress tying)

    • Overlap right side, (secure closure)
      pull the strap through the hidden hole at side seam
      (above pocket) and tie it together with the inside side seam strap. (recommend a double knot) To secure overlapping as a safety closure.

    • Tie your waist belt in the best possible way and it's DONE!