Loose KNOT is owned and operated by a sister duo.
One is Stockholm-based with 25 years of experience in the textile industry.
With a passion and a dream to run her own business, a dream that has been there since she started her design education. With a special love and passion for dresses, always a product to focus on when the time is right.
Needed a new challenge after several roles in the fashion industry, regardless of brand. So, after a clear wake-up call, a new chapter was revealed, and a big change became a reality. The time had come and with the knowledge and passion for the craft, it was time to finally take the plunge and follow a long desired dream together with an inspiring and beloved friend/sister.

The other sister is based in southern Sweden and has run her own businesses in service, sales, interior design, and textiles for 15 years. It was a natural step, and she did not hesitate to use her broad knowledge, experience and strong trust in her sister to build a business together. A desire to combine expertise and dreams, towards a company that believes in a change and can be done differently with a strong sustainable purpose. As well as having fun at the same time, which means spending more time together despite the long distance.