Our focus has always been sustainability and lessening our impact on the environment. More than twenty years of experience in the textile industry, visiting suppliers and fabricators all around the world opened our eyes to the benefit of using these leftover fabrics. By using these special overstocks, we would not only be giving them new life and transform them into beautiful garments, but saving them from being burned. This process makes our collections limited and highly desirable.

Loose KNOT dresses are of leftover textiles, in a limited range of fabric and colors, which makes them exceptional and highly unique. We select colors and fabrics to best suit the look and the occasion, with a big focus on sustainability.
Dresses adapt and transform to fit different body shapes and can be worn in various ways. Designed for all women and are made in one size and are fully adjustable and can be tied and worn in different ways to create different looks. Versatile and long lasting, made from highly selective and machine washable fabrics, and still comfortable– the Loose KNOT collection is truly one of a kind.

Our leather accessories are eco-friendly, the leather is chrome-free and vegetable-tanned and sun-dried. Treated without harsh chemicals or synthetic finishes and gets more beautiful with age. The hand-braided leather accessories in a beautiful herringbone are made by female artisans from the Indian countryside. We only work with certified manufacturers with high certification requirements to guarantee ethnicity and maintain all social standards.

All newly produced materials that we use in production come from sustainable and environmentally friendly sources. We apply this philosophy to packaging as well. Smarter ways of packaging are also important to achieve better sustainable alternatives.

Loose KNOT celebrates your beauty and your shape. Show us how you wear it best!