Loose Knot focus on dresses and accessories with a sustainable purpose, aiming to reduce industrial waste to minimize our environmental impact with long lasting products. By using high-quality materials for a long-lasting usage and making environmentally conscious  decisions, we leave a smaller 'footprint' on our planet.

For us, producing sustainable means creating something new and better from already manufactured materials. We repurpose leftover textile from overproduction, transforming them into beautiful garments and saving them from being burned.

Our timeless dresses are made from these leftover textiles  and are  available in a limited quantity, making them unique. Designed for all women to fit different body shapes, comes in one size and are fully adjustable, able to be tied and worn in various ways to create different looks for the occasion.

Our hand-braided bags and accessories are in chrome-free, vegetable-tanned and sun-dried leather. Treated without harsh chemicals or synthetic finishes, and becomes more beautiful with age. We are also making accessories made of plastic waste from our oceans, which cleans the oceans and creates jobs for some of Indias most poorest people.
We are apart of a sustainable network of organizations and companies that contribute towards a cleaner and healthier environment.