Care Instructions - Dresses

Take care of your dress for a long and beautiful life.

Machine washable at 30 degrees, preferably in a delicate wash program with short spin or hand wash which is a gentler alternative. 
Shake the garment and stretch the seams properly and hang on a hanger to dry. Feel free to use a wide hanger or an inflatable hanger to avoid hanger marks.

Steam is advantageous otherwise ironing at medium temperature. We recommend ironing the garment from the reverse side, but preferably use a protective damp cotton ironing cloth between the garment and the iron for gentle handling and avoid hard pressure that may otherwise leave stains on the garment.

We recommend washing the dress infrequently, which is more beneficial for the environment and is gentler on the garment. Instead, ventilate the hanger for possible refreshment. Steaming is also recommended for unwanted scent.
The fabric can react to various nearby materials, so remember to avoid high friction for possible wear.