From ocean waste to new fantastic products!
Accessories made from 100% ocean plastic that help clean our oceans, which would otherwise pollute and harm marine life in our 'water world'.
Abandoned plastic waste from PET bottles to recycled material that is used in our OCEAN BOUND PLASTIC bags and accessories.
The abandoned plastic waste is located within 50 km of beaches is at risk of ending up in the ocean and is estimated to generate 80% of marine plastic waste. Our recycled products are controlled and certified by independent organizations to ensure they meet the required high standard.

Our sustainable packaging
Our bags and garments are delivered in a textile bag made the same material of 100% recycled ocean plastic. And are therefore in a much better material option and are practical bags for organizing items and are ideal for both travel and everyday use. The recycled polyester material is off course GRS certified.

Our OBP knotted rope bags & accessories
In the same material of 100% recycled Ocean Bound Plastic, we make amazing knotted rope bags and accessories. Knotted rope bags that is very durable and stretchable, therefore perfect as  beach bag, practical shopping bag or suitable for other activities. A bag with a great purpose! 

We are all aware of the plastic problem in our oceans and have a desire to help changing the situation and stop the plastic pollution in our oceans. 
It starts with collecting abandoned plastic waste and preventing them from entering the oceans. To achieve this, it requires an ethical supply-chain, which has a recycling approach and is controlled by independent organisations. 

Plastics For Change, has worked hard with their misson against plastic pollution in India for many years. The plastic pollution that ends up in our oceans and the extreme poverty in South Asia have led Plastic for Change to build an infrastructure for the collection and recycling of waste. Which protects the ocean and creates jobs for some of the poorest people in society. This recycling process not only helps keep the oceans clean and creates jobs, it also helps reducing greenhouse gases and protect our climate.

  • Plastic waste is collected, sorted and cleaned.
  • The plastic bottles gets crushed and torn into smaller pieces as "plastic flakes" and melted into liquid.
  • This liquid is turned into fibers and become yarn that eventually is woven into a fine and durable polyester fabrics and ropes.

To establish transparency, traceability and control in our supply chain, we want our customers to be sure that we and our partners are generating the promised impact of the supply chain. A fully certified Ocean Bound Plastic supply chain in which every step is certified and controlled by an independent organization. The supply chain for our ocean bound plastic products is certified, controlled and audited by Zero Plastic Oceans Paris. They are very specific and vigilant about the traceability of used plastic bottles i.e, gathered by collectors and are buying the plastic bottles from Plastic For Change who are fantastic with their social attributes and organizing this collection of plastic in a very proper way. They are recycling this collected used bottles at Alliances Fibres LTD, Surat who are making these bottles into fabric, then the bags are being made  with our supplier that is the first Ocean Bound Plastic Certified manufacturer of bags/accessories, having their own manufacturing unit in Kolkata. 

Certified and controlled by an independent third-party auditor, Control Union. 


For more info. please visit their websites for interesting reading

We are proud of being apart of making a change together with these hard-working organizations and companies, and we hope this also gives you a good feeling. Together we can make a CHANGE and help stop the climate change towards a better use of resources and a greener planet.

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