All our braided bags and accessories are made in India and are hand woven in chrome-free vegetable tanned leather and sun-dried. Which is a much better alternative than pigment dyeing and machine drying. Treated without using harsh chemicals or synthetic finishing.
Performed by female artisans from the countryside to provide them with economic opportunities without leaving their homes.

braiding at the countryside

Talented rural women artisans, with their exceptional craftsmanship, establish financial security from the comfort of their homes, overcoming the challenges of leaving their families. They also serve as role models for younger girls in nearby areas.
The women who are weaving the leather are based in outskirts of Kolkata, a place called Ramakantanagar, South 24 Parganas District, West Bengal.
There are about 80 women both housewives and unmarried youth, that are working on commission for the factory. Some of the women include, Farida Molla (age 43), Fuljan Laskar (age 34), Yasmina Molla (age 20), Reba Naskar (age 39) , Jayshree Naskar (age 29).

We were honored to share moments with these incredible women in the comfort of their homes and with their families—a truly heartwarming encounter that we cherish, eagerly anticipating our next visit. The craftsmanship is collected twice a week and sent to the manufacturing facility located in Kolkata, where the bags are finalized.

The manufacturing facilities are of course certified to ensure adherence to ethical, social standards, and human rights. They are SEDEX 4 Pillar audited and SA8000 certified form, as well as ISO certified 9001:2015,14001:2015 and 45001:2018. That is well-known certified standards, to ensure favorable working and social conditions in our supply chain. 

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