All our braided bags and accessories are made in India and are hand woven/braided and are in chrome-free and vegetable tanned leather and sun-dried. Which is a much better alternative than pigment dyeing and machine drying. Treated without using harsh chemicals and has no synthetic finishing. Natural leather are characterized as smooth and has a gentle hand feel. 

This beautiful craftsmanship is performed by female artisans from the countryside to provide them with economic opportunities.
We strive to empower women to reach their full potential and act as role models for younger girls and society at large.
The women who are weaving the leather are based in outskirts of Kolkata, a place called Ramakantanagar, South 24 Parganas District, West Bengal.
There are about 80 women both housewives and unmarried youth, that are working on commission for the factory. Some of the women include, Farida Molla (age 42), Fuljan Laskar (age 33), Yasmina Molla (age 19), Reba Naskar (age 38) , Jayshree Naskar (age 28).

In a country like India getting socially audited to check the standards, with labor and welfare policies. Made by our manufacturer in Kolkata, India, which of course stands for human rights with high certifications to guarantee ethnicity & maintain all types of social standards. The importance of well-being, better working conditions and amenities to ensure all workers are happy and satisfied.
Audited under SA8000 and SEDEX 4-pillars, which are well-known certified standards, to ensure good working and social conditions in our supply chain and the processes involved and controlled by an independent body. Responsible management for environmental protection ensures the certification according to ISO 14001.
This of course would be a request for all buyers to buy products from socially certified companies as labor exploitation still remains a global issue.

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