As a newly established company, we strive to not only produce long lasting dresses and accessories, but to also produce ecological sustainability to create something new and better. With a focus on lessening our impact on the environment.

More than twenty years of experience in the textile industry, visiting suppliers and factories all around the world. Opened our eyes to use leftover fabrics that are stored in enormous textile warehouses that, among other things, come from overconsumption.
By using these overstocks/"dead stocks", we would not only be giving them new life and transform them into beautiful garments, but also saving them from being burned. Which is a very common way to get rid of dead stock, which causes huge stock problems for many factories and companies. Therefore, our focus on using these leftovers/“dead stocks”, to lower the general textile storage. This process makes our collections limited and highly desirable.

You make a good choice by choosing leftover products for an ecological sustainability.


Here we are visiting one of our large factories in Portugal, choosing fantastic high-quality leftover textiles from their huge warehouse.
Production in Europe is of course a much better alternative from an environmental aspect that we also need to consider and focus on.

Our Portuguese supplier is both a fabric supplier and a manufacturer, which makes them very unique with many advantages. To also avoid using transports from fabric manufacturers to garment manufacturers, which in itself is a great advantage to reduce all types of unnecessary transports.
They are also unique in its pursuit of sustainable development and major environmental goals. That is why we work with this supplier with the same mindset, to constantly work towards a more sustainable and innovative production, to contribute and protect the planet for future generations.

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